Come join us.

We value transparency, diversity and excellence.

Are you looking to maximize your potential?

Are you looking for a new challenge?

We're a consultancy. A data consultancy. We value your individuality: your unique strengths, abilities and approach to problems. Together we solve complex problems, whether technical or organizational. 

We work on a variety of interesting and forward-thinking projects across multiple industries: biotech, legal, finance, consumer goods. We're international, with offices and clients across Europe.

We're also a startup. That means jumping on the latest tech, keeping it lean, avoiding legacy and learning as we go. Our data world is one of embracing change. Join our expert team, and let's grow together.

We embrace agile for processes, and open source technologies. Keeping our toolkits flexible is important both from a technology and a process standpoint.

We all have a desire to grow and learn, on the tech front as well as the personal front. We are committed to continuously improving ourselves, our leadership and our peer support to help each other become the best versions of ourselves.

Being a consultant means keeping close to the real value to our client's business, helping them where they are struggling, and doing this openly and honestly. No two days are ever the same, no challenge too weird.

We look forward to working with you.

What we offer

  • Leading salaries for top talent
  • Full 28 days of paid leave
  • We value work-life balance (let's stick to 37.5 hrs per week)
  • Co-ownership with our employee share program (warrant scheme)
  • Professional development, maximize your potential
  • Startup standing toe-to-toe with the big corporates
  • Flexible employment options (freelance, part & full-time)
  • An international environment and multicultural team
  • Simplicity of systems - including easy expenses
  • Quick decisions and easy processes - no red tape
  • Work with an amazing team who appreciate you for being uniquely you